Capgemini Placement Paper

1. If (NM)2= RRM where N.M & R are distinct digits. Then possible values for R are

(a) 1 (b) 2 (c) 3 (d) none of these

Ans (b) -2

2. A man buys spirit at Rs. 60 per letter, adds water to it and then sells it at Rs. 75 per litter. What is the ratio of spirit to water if his profit in the feal is 37.5%?

(a) 9:1 (b) 10:1 (c) 11:1 (d) None of these.

Ans (b) 10.1

3. A certain quantity of petrol is found to be adulterated to the extent of 10%. What proportion of the adulterated petrol should be replaced with pure petrol to take the purity level to 98%?

(a) 80% (b) 32% (c) 66.67% (d) cannot be determined.

Ans (a) 80%

4. Two trains are traveling from point A to point B such that the speed of first train is 65 kmps and the speed of 2 train is 29 kmph. Where is the distance b/w A&B such that the slower train reached 5 hrs late compared to the faster.

5. 45 grinders brought @ 2215/-.transpot expense 2190/-.2760/- on octroi . Find SP/piece to make profit of 20% 

2585        2225        2670        3325 

6. in a 2 digit no unit’s place is halved and tens place is doubled.diff bet the nos is 37.digit in unit’s place is 2 more than tens place. 

24        46        42        none 

7. if x-y + z = 19 , y + z =20 , x-z=3 , find d value of x+4y-5z 

22        38        17        none 

8. Find approx value of 39.987/0.8102+1.987*18.02 
72        56        86        44 

9. Asish was given Rs. 158 in denominations of Rs 1 each. He distributes these in diff bags, such that ne sum of money of denomination betn 1 and 158 can be given in bags. The min no. of such bags reqd :

10          17          15          none 

10. There is a rectangular Garden whose length and width are 60m X 20m.There is a walkway of uniform width around garden. Area of walkway is 516m^2. Find width of walkway: 

1            2            3            4 

11. In a race from pt. X to pt Y and back, Jack averages 0 miles/hr to pt Y and 10 miles/hr back to pr X.Sandy averages 20 miles/hr in both directions. If Jack and Sandy start race at same tym, who’ll finish: 

i. 1st Jack        ii.Sandy        iii.they tie        iv.Impossible to tell 

12. A man engaged a servant on a condn that he’ll pay Rs 90 and also give him a bag at the end of the yr. He served for 9 months and was given a turban and Rs 65. So the price of turban is i. Rs :

10          19         0          55 

13. if a row dominated two dimensional array in the following which one is advantage and why?

a) for(i=0;i<1000;i++)



b) for(j=0;j<1000;j++)



14. Consider the prog and select answer


void main ( )


int k=4,j=0:

switch (k)


case 3;


case 4:


case 5:



printf (“%d\n”,j);


A. 300

B. 400

C. 500

D. 0

15. Which fruit is not used by Mandy? aa

a. Cherries
b. Grapes
c. Apples
d. Bananas

16. Which is the combination by Erica?

a. Apples, cherries, Bananas
b. Apples, Cherries, Grapes
c. Apples, Grapes, Bananas
d. Cherries, Grapes, Bananas

Direction for Qn 17-18
These qns are based on situations given below: 
7 Uni crick players are to be honored at a special luncheon. The players will be seated on a dais along one side of a single rectangular table. A and G have to leave the luncheon early and must be seated at the extreme right end of table, which is closest to exit. B will receive Man of the Match and must be in the centre chair C and D who are bitter rivals for the position of Wicket keeper dislike one another and should be seated as far apart as possible E and F are best friends and want to seat together. 

17. Which of the foll may not be seated at either end of the table? 
i. C         ii. D         iii. G         iv. F 

18. Which of the foll pairs may not be seated together? 
i. E & A         ii. B & D         iii. C & F         iv. G & D 

Direction for Qn 19-20
Elle is 3 times older than Zaheer. Zaheer is ½ as old as Waheeda. Yogesh is elder than Zaheer. 

19. What is sufficient to estimate Elle’s age? 
i. Zaheer is 10 yrs old 
ii. Yogesh and Waheeda are both older than Zaheer by the same no of yrs. 
iii. Both of the above iv. None of the above 

20. Which one of the foll. statements can be inferred from the info above i. Yogesh is elder than Waheeda ii. Elle is older than Waheeda iii. Elle’s age may be less than that of Waheeda iv. None of the above I would suggest you to go through as many Capgemini placement papers as possible. The questions are very simple. Even if you are not very good at aptitude, you can make it. Just be cool and imply your brain. After the aptitude test, the results were displayed after around 2 hrs. 129 candidates managed to clear the aptitude test and were called for GD session. 

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