Company: Sundyota Numandis Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd
Exp: 0 - 4 years
Location: Dehradun
Education: Any Graduate


Will implement mktg strategies & campaigns for product promotion to doctors,effective in-clinic presentation to doctors, identifying & promoting right product for right doctors,retail chemist prescription audit,timely reporting & achieve value/volume target

MR Jobs in Dehradun

Name: Ms Kashish Mohnani
Email Id:
Phone: 079-65106511
Reference Id: Kashish - Dehradun

MR Jobs in Dehradun

About Company:

Medical Representative MR Jobs in Dehradun

To create environment of HEALTH by creating awareness and bringing effective preventive therapies of Indian and international origin backed by scientific studies and clinical data.
For this, we would be working towards

The essence of our purpose is rightfully captured by our name! Sundyota Numandis has evolved from Sanskrit, the ancient-most Indian language. The Sun, an inexhaustible source of energy, is the biggest life giving force in the universe. "Dyota" means exhilaration, joy and happiness. "Numandis" stands for sparkling expression.

Medical Representative Jobs in Dehradun

Sundyota Numandis, the name thereby means "a sparkling expression of joy empowered by the cosmic energy of the Sun". This also signifies our business philosophy of Celebrating Life.
Sundyota Numandis is a new-age pharmaceutical company, leveraging its experience, expertise and energies to better people's lives.

Since its foundation in 2003, Sundyota Numandis has grown exponentially and has emerged as one of the fastest growing Indian pharmaceutical company, with a successful track record year after year.

Our current portfolio comprises of products in therapeutic segments like strain specific probiotics, immunobiotics, analgesics & anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic, anti-ulcerants & digestive enzyme, iron & calcium supplements and anti-cold & anti-cough preparations.Presently, with over 450 employees, we reach out to over 40,000 doctors and over 1,00,000 retail outlets across the country.

Headquartered in Ahmedabad in western India and having a nation-wide presence, Sundyota Numandis is closely associated with leading, research based probiotic and nutraceuticals organizations of the globe.  At present, we have the exclusive marketing rights of globally acclaimed, clinically proven molecules for prevention of diseases.Leveraging these associations, we consistently offer innovative and technically superior product solutions. We are strongly emerging as a premium Probiotic and Nutraceuticals House of India..

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