Air pollution is a growing problem in most  of cities.The need for more action is just as pressing.
Where is Uttarakhand Govt. can you any Explain what the solution ? no one i know that .According it in next      
5 to 10 years. RudrapurCity will be changed only in Sidcul not  in RudrapurCity .If you want Save Your City then try to Shut the air Pollution Companies form Sidcul Rudrapur. otherwise wise  RudrapurCity going to hell soon.

 Air is the most important element of human environment. Man can not live a single moment without air. But we don’t think that is we who pollute this most vital element. Clean air is essential for life. Air is polluted in many ways. Smoke pollutes air. Man makes fires to coke his food, to make bricks burns refuse, melts pitch for road construction and burns wood. All these things produce heavy smoke and this smoke pollutes air.

As air and light pollution get their fair share of attention, it is high time the government renewed momentum to combat noise pollution. Better education, tougher enforcement and changes in individual habits and behavior can make a difference.

Railway engines, power houses, mills and factories use coal and oil. Buses trucks and cars use petrol and diesel oil. Again all these things create smoke and cause air pollution. The most serious air pollution occurs in big industrial areas where there are many buses, trucks and cars plying the street everyday. Sometimes men in big industrial area become so sick by inhaling polluted air that they cannot be cured. So proper measures and steps should be taken to prevent air pollution.

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