And the whole and sole authorities of GATE 2012 Examination have geared up to announce the much awaited GATE Written Examination results including both ONLINE and OFFLINE examinations held on 29-Jan-2012 (Sunday) & 12-Feb-2012 (Sunday) respectively.

GATE 2012 results are likely to be released on 15-03-2012 at 10 A.M and will be made available here within a couple of hours and will be available on the GATE websites of IITs and IISc.

Click on the below link to check your GATE 2012 Results and to download the GATE Score ::

Branch/Stream Category GATE Qualifying Marks
Aerospace Engineering GEN/OBC/(SC/ST/PWD) 30.8/27.72/20.53
Architecture and Planning GEN/OBC/(SC/ST/PWD) 42.63/38.37/28.42
Agricultural Engineering GEN/OBC/(SC/ST/PWD) 25/22.5/16.67
Biotechnology GEN/OBC/(SC/ST/PWD) 41.78/37.60/27.85
Chemistry GEN/OBC/(SC/ST/PWD) 25/22.5/16.67
Chemical Engineering GEN/OBC/(SC/ST/PWD) 26.9/24.21/17.93
Civil Engineering GEN/OBC/(SC/ST/PWD) 25.00/22.50/16.67
Computer Science and Engineering and IT GEN/OBC/(SC/ST/PWD) 25/22.50/16.67
Electronics and Communication Engineering GEN/OBC/(SC/ST/PWD) 26.11/23.50/17.41
Electrical Engineering GEN/OBC/(SC/ST/PWD) 26.11/23.5/17.39
Instrumentation Engineering GEN/OBC/(SC/ST/PWD) 25/22.50/16.67
Mechanical Engineering GEN/OBC/(SC/ST/PWD) 30.81/27.73/20.54
Mathematics GEN/OBC/(SC/ST/PWD) 30.03/27.03/20.02
Physics GEN/OBC/(SC/ST/PWD) 29.05/26.15/19.37
Production and Industrial Engineering GEN/OBC/(SC/ST/PWD) 27.97/25.17/18.65
XE GEN/OBC/(SC/ST/PWD) 28.84/25.96/19.23
XL GEN/OBC/(SC/ST/PWD) 35.77/32.19/23.85

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