The entire test paper consisted of 240 questions with 5 options for each question and -1/5 marks for wrong answer with 1 mark for right answer.
The paper consisted of primarily four sections
(1) Technical Engg (60 Questions)

(2) Basic Engg.(60 Questions)
(3) Verbal Ability (60 Questions)
(4) Quantitative (60 Questions)
(A) Technical Engineering (Electronics)

(1) Sampling theorem is used in what? (AM, FM, PCM, AM & FM)
(2) What is the bandgap of germanium?
(3) Which of the following elements is used for making P-type semiconductor material from intrinsic semiconductor? (Phosporous, Boron, Gallium, Gallium Arsenide)
(4) Question on the power of the SSB signal of AM wrt to given modulation index.
(5) Modulation Index of AM, FM, PM
(6) Question on the values of damping factor for critically damped, underdamped, overdamped systems.
(7) Which of the following modes do not exist in wave guides? (TE1, TM1, TEM1,)
(8) What is the band used to send the AM signals (HF, VHF, SHF, UHF)
(9) Which of the following waves have maximum frequency? (X-Rays, UV rays, Radio waves, Infrared waves)
(10) What is the metal where X-Rays cannot penetrate into? (Copper, lead, Tungsten)
(B) Basic Engineering (Most of the questions were from 12th class physics, chemistry)
(1) Questions on the friction.
(2) Which type of steel is used in railway line among carbonsteel, mild steel?
(3) Questions on specific gravity.
(4) What is the optimum humidity to be provided by a Air Conditioner?
(5) What is the weight of 1 cubic meter air?
(6) Questions on centripital force.
(7) Questions on pendulum.
(C) Verbal Ability
(1) 10 Questions on spell check
(2) 6 questions on comprehension paragraph
(3) 10 questions on sentence correction
(4) 10 questions to check whether the two statements given are inplict, explicit or imply each other.
(5) Questions relating to relationships.
(D) Quantitative Ability

(1) 20 questions on match the following (very easy ones)?
(2) Average proportions based questions
(3) Work completed by 10 people in 5 days then 20 people will complete in how many days?
(4) Age related questions.
Overall the paper did not look much like a technical one as more stress was given in other sections (75% of the paper). One of my friend who is strong in quantitative and verbal was called for the interview.

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