1. If v=220V, I=25A, power factor=0.8, frequency=400Hz. If the motor runs for 3 hours, what is the power consumed?
  2. Symbol of capacitor?
  3. Boiling point of mercury?
  4. When salt is added to water, what happens to its freezing point?
  5. What motor do they use in railway engines for traction?
  6. What motor is used for running lathe spindle?
  7. Type of magnetic material used for small motors.
  8. Diamagnetic b. paramagnetic c. ferromagnetic
  9. What types of images do concave and convex lenses produce?
  10. What is the speed of 3-phase induction motor?
  11. Which gear type does not have axial thrust? Ans: Herringbone
  12. Which of the following is not a thermal radiation law? Ans: Lamberts law
  13. In which units sound is measured? Ans:Decibels
  14. Velocity of sound at sea level?
  15. Which of the following is formed due to the attraction between moon and earth? Ans:Tides
  16. Instrument used for measurement of high temperatures? Ans:Pyrometer
  17. Thread used in lathe leadscrew? Ans:ACME Thread
  18. If water is air, air is dust, dust is light, light is sound, and sound is water, where does fish live?
  19. If the barometer shows 300mm Hg, what is the absolute pressure?
  20. What is the 4-1 process in otto cycle?
  21. Power stroke in diesel cycle is what process? Ans:Adiabatic process
  22. At what temperature °C and K are the same?
  23. What is the material used in permanent magnet?
  24. An object weighs 3kg in air, 2.5kg in water, what is its density?
  25. Which material has the highest Cp value?
  26. Which of the following has lowest thermal conductivity?
  27. The crystalline structure of graphite is
  28. Which process cannot be used to produce external threads?
  29. Complete the series 1. 15 15 _ 16 24 24 3 3
  30.  _n_mn_mm_nmnm_mm_
  31. 316 156 76 31 16 6 1
  32. Given numbers in squares and asked to find the missing numbers
  33. 16, 16, 24, _____, 36, 36, 54
  34. 1 foot is 31 paise how much would have it cost for 20 yards
  35. A man has 8.5 cm string pieces. However string in available only in lengths of meters. What is the min length he should buy so that he loses less?
  36. 3 numbers are in the ratio 2:4: 5 the 2nd number is so greater than the diff between 1st and 3rd find the second number. ans 40
  37. If f=2sinex+y*2, ∂f/∂x=?
  38. 2x+3y=5, 6x+9y=k. These equations are not possible when,
  39. k=15 b. k not equal to 15 c. k=0 d. k=1
  40. If a plane cuts a circular cone along the axis of the cone then the curve of intersection is
  41. Circle b. ellipse c. parabola d. hyperbola
  42. x*2-2x=6 has change of sign between?

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