Latest Robert Bosch Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern 25, March 2011

Company Name: Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Limited

Type: Walk-IN, Job Interview

There were several rounds: Technical Round1:

Difference between Micro-controller and Microprocessor? Micro-controller Architecture (memory, ports specifically) Data types in C
Swap program from C Storage class in C
SR flip-flop
AND, OR truth table
Explain context switching (as I have trained in RTOS)
What is your work culture and how you co-ordinate with your customers?
Tech Round2:
Name the sensors u know n how it works? What is inside a sensor? What is cc in vehicles?
In round2,i took most of the time 2 explain about my current projects, that took lot of the time so questions from them were less..

HR Rounds:

About your family? Expected CTC?
For the 1st 2 rounds, they asked me to explain on my final year project. I took most of the time explaining on my current projects in both the rounds. That shown my presentation skills.

It was a 1:1 interview in the 1st round. For 2nd round,1:2(only for few as they were tired). 10 panels were there, each panel interview questions were different. The questions were only from your resume, basic electronics, basic electrical, C.
I am waiting for my offer letter. This blog really helped me a lot. folks after your interviews please do post your experience it will help
All The Best.
Exam/Interview Date: 25 March 2011
No of Rounds: Technical Round-1, Technical Round-2, Client/Manager Interview
Location: Chennai

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